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4 Ways to keep your car clean when you have kids

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Nobody enjoys driving a car that is full of clutter and rubbish, but many of us with kids seem to have to deal with this scenario on a daily basis. We love our kids, but they can be messy little creatures some of the time. It seems like a thankless task as far as tidying the family car up after them is concerned. So how about some cool tips that can help to keep your car nice and tidy despite the fact your kids have other ideas? Here we look at some proven ways that will do exactly that without having to go to war every time you open the door.


If at all possible, try to ensure that you vacuum the car once a week. Okay, it may seem over the top, but that dust and debris will soon pile up. If you are a busy family and are also driving your kids around, they will be busy emptying their pockets whenever they feel like it. We’d recommend a portable vacuum cleaner that connects to a 9v socket. If you drive a Ford Focus, you should be able to power it from one of these without any issues. They are great family cars that are fairly easy to keep clean, even if you have kids. By staying on top of the dust and floor debris, you will already be winning that battle.


Try and get some decent antibacterial wipes and always have them on hand when driving with your kids. These are not only great at dealing with unexpected spills that always seem to take place when kids are passengers, but they are also good for keeping those surfaces nice and clean. Cheap and easy to find, wipes should be in every family car’s emergency kit. Try to remember to choose recyclable ones because they are the guilt free option!

Bad habits

This is an excellent example of a little education going a long way. Try and dissuade your kids from eating and drinking in the car, especially during short trips. This will drastically cut down on the amount of junk that makes its way to the floor of your car. Okay, for those longer journeys, it is inevitable that your little darlings will need to be fed and watered, but try to teach them to use some form of storage instead of just using the floor or in between the seats to leave those wrappers.


If you can add some kind of storage facility for the trash, it will soon form good habits with your kids. It can be something as simple as a refuse sack, just ensure that it is in a visible place. Grocery bags also work well and why not give each kid their own for each journey? Just remember to empty these on a regular basis, especially if food items are being dumped into them.

These tips aren’t rocket science but by combining them, you can start enjoying the family ride once more!

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