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7 Sweet Ways to Incorporate Your Kids Into Your Wedding

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Including your children in your wedding can be a tough decision to make, especially given how formal these occasions can be and how reluctant some children are to conform to strict rules.

But if you do want to include your children in the formal ceremony there are a bevy of ways you can do that that are age appropriate.

In this article we are going to give you seven tips on how to incorporate your children into your wedding, from a candy ceremony replacing the now-common sand pouring ritual to the traditional ring bearer and other roles.

The first way to incorporate your children into your wedding is through devising some sort of ritual that involves the whole family. One suggestion is that couples consider swapping out the sand pouring ritual for one based on candy instead. With each member of the new family pouring a jar of candy into a collective jar, you retain the symbolism of the ritual while giving it a more age appropriate slant by using sweets.

Another popular way to include children is to also make some token of unity to exchange with them to symbolize the new family. Some people have suggested a symbol or pendant that has meaning to the new family, which makes perfect sense given the occasion. Just like wedding rings symbolize the unity of two individuals so too should this ceremony be about the joining together of people in a new family.

For families with babies, the ritual of handfasting has become a popular way to include the whole family in the wedding ritual. Handfasting involves the tying together of the man’s and woman’s hands using a rope. In some cases, couples have elected to use the baby’s blanket from the hospital as the tie binding them together.

A fourth and somewhat idiosyncratic way to make sure everyone in the new family feels included is to put the children front and center as leaders of the wedding procession or in some other appropriate position. Some kids balk at being put on spot while others adore it - use your best instincts when doling these kinds of roles out.

The fifth way is one of the more obvious methods but also can become a potent symbol of the new family’s bond. Setting up the wedding photos, including props and scenes, can do a lot to convey to your children that they matter to you and are at the core of your new lives together.

Along these lines consider having a family dance in addition to the traditional bride-groom dance. You could even choreograph a routine and put on a show for your guests if you are so inclined! There are a ton of wedding venues in Arizona that will accommodate this type of wedding reception.

The seventh and most obvious way to bring the kids into the wedding ceremony is to make it a family event in every sense of the word. Treat it like a very special party that celebrates everyone and give the children roles to make sure they help make it a success. Instill in them the importance of teamwork and selflessness as everyone comes together for this special day.

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