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Challenge: NICU Parenting

A Greatful Thanksgiving

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Wow all of these are so touching. I have one to share also. I can tell you I don't remember any of this day except a little part of it and what I have been told. So my blood pressure was out of wack and put on bed rest at 6 months with our first child. I was doing good we were getting ready for the big turkey day. I kept waking up with major heartburn times got closer with the pain and it got worse. I told my mother ( because my husband work 3 shift and they were taking shifts in watching over me). She calls the doctors my dad takes me to the hospital as it's the day before thanksgiving. So we are there blood pressure is up this hospital doesnt have a nicu in it. They are trying to do everything but all the big hospitals were full. Till finally a doctor said if she needs my help send her I don't care get her to me. So my blood pressure at this point is 180/106 I kiss my dad as they loaded me and he was calling my husband who I told to get some sleep and not worry I had a support team and if it was bad we would call. The last thing I remember is looking at the monitor in the ambulance and seeing 77/60. My dad gets to the hospital and says it was like someone switch a switch on me I wasn't the same. So as the new doctor is trying to do everything he can. My husband calls he got lost on his way lol he shows up feeling like he has let me down. They have ivs in me one to start labor one to help blood pressure which also helps stop labor. So as I am there I refused any other pain drugs at 630 am thanksgiving morning I am starting to push. I can remember seeing the doctors face over the sheet eyes big bloody hand get her to or now. My husband says it took 5 seconds for the nurse to have me ready to go. Since the emergency my husband couldn't go. They had to put me to sleep. When they cut me open they could not see a thang but a massive blood clot under this clot was my 2lbs 15 oz 32 week old son. My husband gets to see him as they take they both of them to the nicu to get him to breathe. He was so overwhelmed he hit the floor and started crying thinking he had lost us both. The nurse pick him up we don't have Rome for this you are coming with us. I was in and out the rest of the day repeating questions asking about our son. As I didn't get to see him. As it hit 12 hours after he came out they were able to wheel my whole bed into the nicu to let me see my son. Our hands were bigger than him this is not how it's supp8to happen I should have done something more to protect him. Please save him is all I could say along with thank you. 4 days later I am sent home and leaving our child in someone else's care, but before I left the allowed us to hold him for the first time. Christmas with our son was spent at the hospital they made the holidays so special there. As new years eve came around and we were leaving the hospital this time with our son in tow. We were a family of 3 finally starting the new year together in our home. Now fast forward 13 years this thanksgiving and our son is a slim tall handsome young man. Who is loving caring and one of the most thankful gifts I could ever ask for. We joke now saying he was our turkey breast instead of our turkey lol but I wouldn't change it for the world. Without those nicu teams we wouldn't be here today.







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