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A New Hobby of Ours - Wine Tasting throughout the USA

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Parenting can be difficult at times, and so myself and my partner desperately needed a hobby that would not only allow for us to enjoy time together, but also educate ourselves, because it's partly to do with our work.

We began winetasting, and we even started winemaking!

Yes, so recently I've been wanting to get more of a grasp of the range of wines that exist throughout the USA.

Afterall, the USA is extremely underated in the area of winemaking, and quite honestly, it's surprising that we're not more famous for the lovely wines that we produce.

Some of my favourite wines from the US are the Promontory 2013 and the Ramey 2015 Ritchie Vineyard Chardonnay, Russian River Valley

However, it's interesting to see what the most popular wines are, as you can see from the diagram below:

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After having the predicament for a while, it clicked, why not do a roadtrip around the USA? Starting from San Diego on the west coast, and leading all the way through the country, not forgeting Hawaii last of all.

So that's the plan for the upcoming months!

We're going to be planning the trip in the forecoming weeks, and so it gives me time to create a list of wines to try in each state.

It's extremely exciting, and will surely help us (me and my partner) given that we have a wine equipment review blog that we work on.


None-the-less, I'll be updating the blog on the trip, and I'll update this post once we've begun.

Additionally, we've just purchased a large wine fridge for our home in Florida, as we had to do research on the topic of large wine coolers & fridges for our useful useful buyers guide, so we'll be able to bring back some wine bottles from our travels, as a souvenir.

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