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Credit Card Review Without Income Inquiries

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A credit card is a very convenient way to get money at the right moments in life, and unlike a bank loan is the easiest and most effective way to borrow money from a bank. The opportunity to carry out this procedure without unnecessary inquiries appeared not so long ago, and is already very popular.

Credit Card Benefits and Possible Disadvantages

Before you make any financial transaction, you should make sure that there are pitfalls and determine the form of dependence. First of all, we find out the disadvantages of a loan without a statement of income:

  • Not the fact that the application will be encouraged. Therefore, it makes sense to contact several banks at the same time;
  • A large percentage of payments, which carries the risk of a financial institution if the obligations of the borrower are ignored;
  • The maximum loan amount is not high, but it can be increased if documents confirming solvency are presented at the conclusion of the contract.

These principles have a logical justification, but given the possibilities and potential benefits of such a loan, the choice is obvious. Firstly, the use of a credit card is not limited to short deadlines. This is because with incomplete repayment of existing debt, you can take another loan. Some organizations provide a grace period function, when the interest on the loan is zero in case of repayment of the entire amount over a specified period (does not apply to cash withdrawals).

The main advantage when issuing a card without a statement of income is the actual speed of the operation. No preparation, just a passport and the nearest bank branch.

Best Credit Cards

There are so many players in the financial services market today that it’s not a shame to get confused. Each has its own rules and opportunities, depending on the principles of doing business and profitability. Independent specialists compiled a rating of the most suitable offers for those wishing to obtain such a loan.


Maestro is one of the few institutions whose business takes place entirely through the Internet. An urgent decision within five minutes allows you to process the maximum number of customers in a short time.

After preliminary approval, the card will be delivered to the address indicated in the conversation - this is the first and last time you see a bank employee “live”. The next time, the employee will arrive with a reissued card in a few years if the card is reissued on time.

Good conditions regarding the credit card limit and a long grace period (up to 55 days) are additional advantages over other banks that are difficult to argue with.

JCB Credit quick card issuance without inquiries

One of the most famous organizations that has earned its popularity due to the possible quick processing of credit cards. After filling out the questionnaire on the company's resource, an answer will be received within an hour. And on the same day it will be possible to pick up a card at the address of the branch. Also available are interesting promotional offers:

  • Cashback to the card when paying for purchases in stores.
  • 55-day interest-free period.
  • Issuing a card and its maintenance is absolutely free.

Credit card for online purchases without income statement

The so-called KVIKU virtual card is specially designed for people who often buy goods on online services. This type of credit card does not require any special conditions from the borrower. It is enough to fill out a six-point form without providing salary data, and after a minute the card will be activated.

All information on the card will be displayed in the message on the mobile. This is the card number, expiration date and CVV code, just like with regular physical credit cards. This is the easiest way to purchase goods in online stores.

Credit Card Generator

credit card generator to allow create some random credit card number that you can accessed any where that necessary to use credit card and you can generate quickly credit card number with CVV and address and its all are valid credit card generator used for testing purpose that use for data and verification purpose

OTP Bank - a credit card for any needs

OTP Bank, in addition to the main area of its financial activities, introduces innovations in lending. The OTP project includes all the necessary services regarding the storage and provision of funds:

  • Making a deposit on popular types of currencies.
  • Credit scheme based on available limit.
  • Current account of an individual.

In the project system, everything was created solely for the convenience of the client. Operations can be managed without leaving your home if you have internet. There is also a bonus account when paying for purchases with a card, which allows you to return part of the money spent.

A credit card is issued for individuals and legal entities, with a age limit of up to 70 years. Provided that the borrower already has a salary account with VTB Bank, interest on the loan may be reduced, you can submit an online application. A credit card helps to make a purchase in case of lack of money, and the many available solutions for its design is an advantage due to the presence of competition. Banking organizations closely monitor the consumer market and promptly respond to requests, providing ever new opportunities for issuing cards without income and guarantors.

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