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Challenge: Stretched Too Thin

How I #morningroutine so hard as a working mom.

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You know all those posts you see about everyone's morning routine? They're up super early journaling, meditating, working out, and enjoying an actual HOT cup of coffee blissfully before the kids are up? I used to think that was complete BS. I like to sleep. I don't get enough sleep. Why in the name of all things #tiredmom would I get up super early?

Well, because I need the time to myself. I need to as they say, "put my oxygen mask on first." It's amazing for you mentally and physically. Stress is real, mama. In fact, according to a recent study…stay at home moms actually have higher level of cortisol (the stress hormone) than moms that work outside of the home. We need to take care of ourselves and my morning routine helps me to do that. However, it's taken me about 3 years to figure out what best serves me at 4:30am and here's what I've found to help me feel my best:

-First, go to bed earlier. If I'm getting myself up at 4:30am, then I need to get to bed earlier and get more rest.

-Get my body moving first thing--I workout from home, or go run with a group of other ladies who are crazy like me and will run at #darkthirty. Pro tip: lay your clothes out the night before.

-Don't look at your email or social media the first hour of being up. Don't give that energy to others. Instead, write down 3 things you're grateful for. I use this journal.

-Drink a huge glass of water before you chug that coffee.

-Enjoy my shower and listen to a podcast or book while I get ready for work then get by boys up and ready for school.

Now...if you are a new mom, you may be reading this and thinking, "Yea, right! No way am I getting up that early." Agreed. I didn't when I was a new mom and wouldn't suggest another new mom to do so either. However, I do wish someone would have told me to give myself some grace as a new mom and try to find small pockets of time throughout the day to do something or myself.

My boys are 11 and 7 and it has taken me 3 years to figure out my the most magical morning routine for me. I am super productive the rest of the day, I feel better and sleep better and show up as the best version of myself for my family. However, I also know when to skip the morning routine and sleep my face off when needed. So...give yourself some grace and start slowly to figure out how and when to take care of yourself. "Put your oxygen mask on first."

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