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How To Design Fantastic Custom Printed Cream Boxes For Branding

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33.jpg Cream boxes are made up of cardboard, Kraft paper, and corrugated cardboard. These materials are the strongest and sturdiest. They offer the ultimate protection to the product. Customization offers unique shapes such as magnetic closure boxes, sleeve boxes, flip-open, and many more in adjustable sizes, and custom designs that represent the brand in the most effective manner. Custom printing on product packaging gives an identity to the regular boxes and makes them recognizable and outstanding among the others. Custom boxes in wholesale are cheaper than other alternatives that are available in the market yet highly durable and sustainable.


Packaging and presentation are closely interlinked with each other. It is not possible to present a product most effectively without proper packaging. Unlike earlier times, the purpose of packaging is not just containment anymore. It is done for a lot of objects due to the change in the product market and consumer trends. Another critical factor in changing the need and requirement of product packaging is the advancement in technology and customization. Every business from food to medicine to clothing and cosmetics need packaging that must offer better containment, attractive appearance, durability, sustainability, and affordability. The beauty industry is the most versatile when it comes to product packaging because there is no limitation and restriction in terms of shapes, sizes, and designs. Beauty and skincare products are all about reflecting creativity and usefulness of the product to the customers to increase the demand and sales.


There are a lot of beauty brands that offer similar cream boxes which make it challenging for the businesses to come up with a stamped image that is authentic and original. Branding plays a vital role in the professional and trustworthy image of the brand in the market. If you are launching a new cream or trying to change your packaging for good, here are some of the most important things that need to be considered before getting on with the designs.

Understand your product

The first and the most important thing is to understand your product, your needs, and your requirements before getting onto the packaging design. It is essential to understand who you are, what image you want to represent in the market, and what your goals and objectives are. Once you are clear with who you are and what message you want to convey to your customers, it will be easy to choose the right design for your product and fantastic branding.

Know your audience

Customers play an essential role in building a brand and making a product accessible because they are the end-users. As much as the companies are aware of their products, consumers are more aware of what they are getting. Just like every product has different needs and requirements, every consumer has their taste and inclination when it comes to choosing a product.


For instance, teenagers are more attracted to sparkly and fancy product packaging, whereas adults like to go for minimalist, sleek, and elegant packaging. Creams are used by people of every age and gender, which makes it hard for companies to come up with different packaging for different people.

Follow trends

Trends are everything!

With the change in time, the world has become more digital. Everything that comes in the market goes on social media, and people like to follow what celebrities and beauty influences are using. To keep up with the changing world, it is essential to go according to the trends, for example, minimalism is highly appreciated by the people these days.


It is not necessary to clutter your boxes with unnecessary information which makes it even harder for consumers to choose the right product. Customization offer boxes in different shapes such as magnetic closure boxes, flip open tables with window cut-outs, and many more. Fantastic cardboard printed with solid backgrounds, intricate patterns, and elegant logos makes them more attractive than a box that is filled with a lot of text.

Incorporate authenticity

It is a misconception that customer will never get to know what you are doing and what is your worth is when it comes to product packaging. With the increase in the number of companies, it has become hard to break the monotony in product packaging. Thanks to customization, it offers companies the freedom to come up with their amazing printed designs, shapes, and sizes for the product of every type. Use colors that are the essence of your brand, incorporate a unique texture in your box because the packaging is not only about seeing but when customers pick up a box they go through the very overwhelming experience.

Be unique with shapes and sizes

It is essential to create a distinctive image of the brand in the market. To instantly grab the attention of the customers uses ways that are not used before by anyone or go for minimalist packaging. Sizes are mostly overlooked by the companies when it comes to product packaging, but they are crucial in gaining the trust of the customers.


Over-sized boxes with relevantly smaller products create misconception among the customers and the brand. Go for perfectly fitting sizes and also for various sizes for a similar product so that customers do not have to go for the larger sizes every time or skip your product just because of unavailability of the scale. Besides shapes, sizes, and designs, sustainability adds value to your product and the brand because it is the need of the hour to go green with our choices, especially when it comes to product boxes. Paper packaging is not only highly Eco-friendly, but it is the most affordable packaging solution for every type of business. Feel free to play with the shapes, sizes, and designs, experiment with patterns and choose custom lamination the way you like to get the most suitable product for your product.

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