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How to recognize indigo or crystal children?

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We always hear amazed grandmothers say that "these guys are very evolved or are very intelligent compared to previous generations." It's not a joke, it's the truth.

For years they have been embodying more and more evolved beings, with personalities that from extraordinary childhood manifest extraordinary gifts. They are a large number, they do not represent one or two isolated individuals but a whole crowd that collaborates extensively with planetary evolution.

Indigo children: the '80 generation

When the indigo children began to arrive they were not so many, but they multiplied from the 70s and 80s - when they were a true boom . These boys, who are now adults, opened the way with their authentic temperament.

That transformed them into true rebels who achieved, with their way of seeing life, changes in education. They asked for very strange things for the time: to be treated respectfully as individuals of the community, that this treatment, regardless of age, be reflexive and participatory, that is to say that their word be taken into account.

So slowly these warriors brought a change of planetary consciousness , threw some structures and rules that were becoming very old and outdated and facilitated the creation of new ones.

Crystal children: the New Age

Around the year 2000 the crystal children began to arrive, they already had many things facilitated by the previous generation and could manifest the power of love and compassion. With their big penetrating eyes, these little ones look at the world with serenity. They have a great affective capacity that allows them to feel very connected with others and that is why they often get peacefully involved in claiming all kinds of issues from other people or from the environment. They connect deeply with the energy of nature and sometimes bother in enclosed spaces or with many people. They enjoy being alone and in tranquility.

Both Indigos and crystal continue to reach Earth and so it will be, as some say, until the planet we inhabit makes its transition to a change of consciousness.

But how to identify them quickly?

Indigo child test

• It is noble . He has a deep sense of dignity and identity.

• It is authentic . It is frustrated in situations of manipulation or in the face of false masks that hide feelings.

• He is a warrior . It is rebellious to authority if it is not lovingly justified.

• It is hyperactive . It does not support useless routines, creatively use time.

• You are apparently dissatisfied . Use creativity to improve the environment.

You can ask yourself these questions: Ease of multitasking? Natural leader? Problems with the authority? Are you bored with routines?

Crystal Child Test

• It is a pacifier . Positive and serene, avoid conflict situations.

• It is a mediator . Ask diplomatically what you need for yourself and others.

• It is empathetic . Love life and nature wherever you are.

• It is silent . It takes time to start talking, you can be introverted, enjoy being alone.

• It is loving . It demonstrates a great affective capacity towards all the kingdoms of nature.

Can you ask yourself these questions: Hypersensitive to emotions and the environment? Do you love life in all its manifestations? Does violence traumatize you in any way? Better veggie?

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