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Live a Little

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​Life used to have order. The morning would start with a hot cup of coffee and the mornjng news. It was followed by a quiet drive to work all before 6:45. Work always started early, so I could have the afternoon for leisurely things like manicures or the gym. I would come home and cook dinner and straighten up. Life was great.  Everytiing had its place in my little world and it all made sense. 

Fast forward a year, boy have things changed. If you stepped into my house, office, and even car, you would have no idea I like things nice and orderly.  They are cluttered and disorganized.  I am tired all the time and my nails are a hot mess.   Many may ask what happened. Parenthood happened.  I used to stress over my new found clutter and disorganization, but then remembered something my mother told me, "My house may have been messy, but you guys were always happy. We did things together and went places. Who is going to remember having a clean house, when you can remember having the greatest time with your mom?" 

I have adopted this motto. My life may seem messy from the outside, but I am enjoying every second I have with my family. We go on walks, have dance parties, and paint, while the laundry piles up and the dust collects. 



In the end, your child will remember all the fun times they have had with you and not how neat and orderly things are.  

Remember to take a step back and see the big picture. Enjoy time with your family while you can.  Take the time to make memories that will last a lifetime. 

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