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Mom Tribes...Party of 1???

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They always say "it takes a village". Well, for some of us that village is non-existent. I have searched far and wide for my mom tribe with no luck after three long and lonely years. Don't get me wrong. I've taken my son to many of playdates, but the whole concept of finding my tribe...nada.

I have always been the type who has several friends in different cliques, and it works. I have my small group of college friends who are most definitely my soul sisters, but other than that most everyone else is more of an acquaintance. Only problem with that is my girls are all about 6 hours away and only one has a child anywhere close to my son's age.

The biggest hurdle in my mom tribe search had been finding someone that's rooted and staying put awhile. Living close to a military community, everyone is just here for a short time. I moved around a lot growing up and had to make new friends everywhere I lived. Obviously nothing against military families, we have several family members in the military. I just want my son to have lifelong friends, I know it's probably not even reasonable or logical.

Then, there is finding other moms and kids that have anything in common with us. I'm an older mom, being 36 with an almost 3 year old. If they are my age they have older children that don't want anything to do with my son, and if they have kids close to his age they are about 10 years younger than me. No offense to them either, because I'm mostly jealous of their fresh faces and ability to function without copious amounts of coffee. I mean, really? I thought I had it all planned out to live my 20s to their fullest and wait for my 30s to get too serious about life and have a family. Not a smart move when I literally can't function without an IV drip of coffee on me at all times.

Then, there is my weird and hard to understand life of being a WAHM. Yep, that is Work At Home Mom. And get this, my husband is a SAHD. We are literally all home all of the time. When I do have the rare encounter with a mom group that I can stand, it's always fun trying to step away for a playdate. I'm sure I come across as suprr flaky, but I do have good intentions on showing up.

All of the moms that I get along with and can go to with anything are amazing. If I could roll them all into one group that would be one hell of a tribe. Power in numbers? Or, quality over quantity? Sometimes I feel that whole "you can't sit with us" thing when I try to do the group setting. Maybe with time and after the toddler years it will be easier. Time will tell.

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