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Challenge: Life Changes

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having a child is the most amazing and life changing thing I have ever experienced. Jaylynn refused to come out when i was 2 weeks past my due date...and after over 24 hours of being in labor I had to be taken for cesarean. Drugged beyond words... I looked up at my husband as they were bringing her into the world and he looks at me and says "there's so much blood" comforting right?? Within minutes the doctors had her out, my husband was cutting the cord.. and the next thing I knew the most beautiful thing was placed on my chest. My Jaylynn. At that exact moment she opened her eyes and looked at me. I kissed her and say "hi baby, I'm your mama... you are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. "

After that... my life was never the same. Watching her first steps, hearing her first words, listening to her snicker laugh. She looks just like her daddy and has the same love for the new York giants as he does. Every time we pass by a Dutch brothers she begs me for a coffee (hot chocolate).. she makes me laugh everyday and pushes all of my buttons. Especially when I am trying to talk to her and she does this "grlragagagagalallalala" and startshe laughing. Then I forget all that I was mad about and start laughing too. You learn patienice you never knew yout had. You learn that Sophia the first always does come first to a 3 year old!! Haha. She is top of her class and she is only 3.

Being a mommy had changed my life. Instead of going out and doing something nice for myself I put her needs absolutely first. My shoes kill my feet but she I want her to have a princess nighty. Priorities change when you have a kid. When she wants to cuddle.. there is nothing in the world that can bother you. Holding her little hand... all problems disappear. Being a mommy is truly the biggest blessing God could ever give me.

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