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The missing piece to our family lives in an orphanage 5,400 miles away

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It all started with a face looking for family in the USA for Christmas. 4 weeks, a bed, food to eat, some warm clothes, and a soft place to land. Certainly we could do that.

Little did we know, we would find the missing piece we didn’t know we had over those 4 weeks and realize how much we need to bring home our son from Ukraine.


We met Ruslan on December 17th, 2017. He arrived at Logan Airport after 46 hours of traveling from his orphanage in Ukraine. Ruslan is a 16-year-old boy, who lives in a Cold War era orphanage, nights are cold and there is much loneliness and isolation. But, for 4 weeks over last Christmas and for 10 weeks this past summer, Ruslan has known the love of a family. He’s felt a full belly. He’s been warm and gone swimming. He’s asked for us to go get him and bring him home forever. And how could we say no?

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We have fundraised and fundraised. We never set out to adopt, let alone internationally. But, when you’re called to this path, you go. A child that begs to be a part of your family, can’t be ignored. He will be home for another visit in December, for 4 weeks. We still struggle to fund our adoption and desperately want to have good news for him when he runs to us at the airport.

If you feel led to pray for us or send us well wishes, we are so grateful. If you feel led to help bring Ruslan home, you can do so here:


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