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The Best Stocking Stuffers for Kids

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This holiday season do not overlook stuffing the kids’ stockings with gifts that are small but pack a big punch. Small does not have to mean boring. There are plenty of options that will have kids giving just as much attention to what is stuffed in their stockings as what is under the tree.

Buddah Board Mini: This tiny drawing board is designed with the idea of living in the moment. Paint on the board with nothing but water then as the water evaporates the design disappears. Bigger versions are available as well!

Socks: Plain white socks probably wouldn’t be a hit on Christmas morning, but adorable and colorful socks like those from Q is for Quinn are a great choice. These organic cotton matching Parent-and-Me socks in an “Out of This World” theme gives the additional gift of being able to match a parent. For every pair of socks purchased the company donates a school meal to a child in need enabling you to provide two gifts at once.

Make-Up: Does your child love the colorful world of Bikini Bottom? If so, they are not alone. The Sponge Bob Bikini Bottom Eyeshadow Palette makes a fun stocking stuffer perfect for getting dolled up over the holidays.

Naturally Small Games: Card games are inexpensive and fit perfectly in a stocking. Check out this waterproof card deck that can be used all year long at the beach or camping or a six-in-one game pack of card games for younger kids. Tenzi is dice game that is quickly becoming a must-have because there are so many ways to play — 77 at last count. Named a “Best Toys” for Kids winner, Tenzi can be reinvented throughout the year so it won’t sit around after Christmas passes. Other fun games from the same creator like Slapizi and Itzi also make great stocking stuffers. Or, check out the cute Happy Salmon game that comes in an adorable, travel-friendly salmon pouch.

Puppets: Puppets are a great way to stuff stockings because they are small, colorful, and soft. This raven puppet from Haba would look adorable peeking out of a stocking on Christmas morning.

Table Topics: This tiny pack of questions from packs a big punch, especially when there is plenty of family time happening over the holidays. It can be paired with a card giving a subscription to a huge database to research family history.

GoPals: These adorable little stuffies are perfect for clipping onto backpacks or seatbelts if your child needs a toy they won’t drop during car rides. Choose a favorite animal from pandas to dogs and lambs.

OMG!: For a sparkly gift your child can use for allowance or pocket change, snag an OMG! Wallet for about $10.00. These full-size, sturdy wallets that boast designs like unicorns and a glitter LOVE will be loved for years.

Little Words Project Bracelet: Give your child the gift of inspiration everyday with a bracelet from Little Words Project in their stocking. Choose from core words such as Be Happy, Believe, Strength, and Fearless or customize. Bead colors and stones can be customized as well.

Playfoam Puffle: As under $12.00 for a two-pack, Playfoam Puffle makes a great stocking stuffer. Sensory-seekers will love the feel of “the feel-good puffy stuff” that comes in multiple colors and never dries out can be used again and again.

Fluffy Cloudz: This jars of stretchy goo fit perfectly in a stocking and even come with an included, hidden charm. Fluffy Cloudz is scented and comes in multiple colors so everyone can get their favorite!

Rubber Duckies: Let a rubber duckie from Wild Republic be “the one.” With styles including Santa Duck, Octopus Duck, Knight Duck, and more you are sure to find one your child will like.

5 Surprise!: These 5 Surprise! little balls are each filled with five surprises so it’s like getting five stocking stuffers in one. Since four balls are under $20.00 your child can find a lot of surprises in their stocking.

Unicorn Poop: Yes, your child really can find Unicorn Poop direct from Poopsie in their stocking this year. It just may wind up being the most talked about gift of the season. And don’t worry, it’s not real poop but colorful slime and other surprises.

Rox: This small Rox Game sells for around $3.00 and comes in multiple styles. It’s a small games played like Jax that is faced-paced and easy enough for young kids to play. Thanks to its small size it not just fits well in a stocking, but also packs well in a purse or backpack and is great to play while waiting at a restaurant, at the airport, or at recess. Get each sibling a different style and mix-and-match or stick with just one set.

Lego Minifigures: There may be no more perfect stocking stuffer than the Lego Minifigure which is small, affordable, and fun to assemble. Plus, once its put together the minifigure can be added to existing Lego sets or they can be mixed-and-matched or traded.

Plus-Plus: This tube of Plus-Plus pieces will provide hours of fun. Seriously. These small plus-sign pieces fit together perfectly and kids (and grown-ups) can put them together so many different ways so this toy never gets old. Later, add more sets with different colors to spark even more creativity.

Art Supplies: Stickers, markers, and pencil cases oh my! Check out the selection from Yoobi to stuff a stocking with coordinating art supplies that are not just colorful and fun but best of all will encourage creativity and won’t sit around until next Christmas rolls around.

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