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The Health Care System is Failing Autistic Adults

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Here’s something I had never put much thought in to but is a REALLY big issue as our kids age...

Our pediatrician has seen us at our worst, she goes out of her way to help Logan, she’s shown me compassion when I just sobbed out of frustration in her office.
She listens and takes my word on issues, she will even take my call and send scripts to the pharmacy when having him come in for an appointment is too difficult.
She just wants to help and make things easier because she sees how difficult it can be.

Logan is now 18 and needs to find a new doctor. (She’s a pediatrician).

I’m dreading this!

After being admitted to Hospital via the ER, a majority of the staff made it clear they were not comfortable or even knowledgeable enough to assist with Logans Care.
It got so bad I left and took him
To another Hospital hoping / begging for help.

This is wrong. If Logan didn’t have autism none of this would have happened. He would have been treated and better by now.

I wish there was a specific facility or care team or hospital that focused solely on autistic children and adults!
One where I wouldn’t have to explain his diagnosis over and over to every single staff member.
Where they would just get it and feel comfortable in providing treatment.

Similar to having children’s hospitals ...what about having hospitals for special needs, developmentally delayed pts?

And don’t get me started on these doctors that specialize in autism! They do a wonderful job of advertising their practices but work on a cash only basis charging the same amount per hour as my divorce attorney and require a laundry list of test done from private labs...(and yes, years ago, I took Logan to one and after spending THOUSANDS) saw it for what it was.

Ugh we need so many changes and I just don’t have the patience for changes anymore!

But I will say this...

I will not rest until these changes are implemented. I’ll knock on every door until one opens...

Hospitals need to step up their game! This year alone 50,000 autistic kids will be transitioning to adulthood. GI issues affect so so many of these soon to be adults along with many other co-morbidities. The quality of care is just not there..,not even close. This HAS GOT TO CHANGE❤️


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