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Challenge: We love our pets

The Rescue Dog that Rescued Us

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A few months after my husband, B, and I were married, I lost someone very precious. And I was having a hard time. Then, B talked to the Lab Rescue LCRP and they found us Rose.

Rose completed us from the start. Rose sat with me through my grief. She just lay her head on my lap, and let me feel.


Rose nudged me with quiet certainty when it seemed like I would never get pregnant. Then when we did, Rose lay at my feet while I spent sleepless nights googling random baby questions (never do this by the way!) and manically making excel budget sheets when we found out that we were having twins.

Rose quietly spirited our little family as we moved through the last decade. Always present, always patient and always the place were we anchored our love.


Rose slept by the cribs during nap time, grunted through those rough and tumble toddler years, and rejoiced in active backyard romps with two very spirited boys.


Rose was my "girl vote", my sanity, and such a blessing. Oh my...such a blessing. I'm so thankful we found each other, and I sincerely hope that Rose felt how much she was loved and needed every day.


I remember the morning when I saw my son sitting on the stairs, whispering quietly to Rose as she began her daily battle with the stairs, "Come on girl, I know you can do this." I knew that Rosie's body was weakening and that she was in pain, and we tried everything to make her stronger and more comfortable in this final stage.

Recently, Rose passed away. Till the very last day, she was always near us...struggling to move around the house to always be where we were. She always knew what was important.


So now I feel her memory following us from across the Rainbow Bridge. Reminding us in our most rushed and imperfect moments to be more patient, remember how lucky we are, and to anchor ourselves in love. Till we meet again my Rosie girl. You will always be my rescue dog that rescued me.

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