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Challenge: Bringing Home Baby: What Do You Wish You’d Known?

What I wish I had known

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​I wish I'd known that it is ok to not be ok. It's ok to cry and not have all the answers. It's ok to trust MY instincts. That I really could function (some 😜) on two hours of sleep for weeks on end. I wish I'd known that it's ok to not have the house spotless for guests, they can get over it (I just had a baby by C-section, for goodness sakes!!!!!!). I wish I had known that it's ok to not answer the door and put a note up to please not knock or ring the doorbell (thank God for a husband that knows how to disconnect it). It really is ok  to sleep when the baby sleeps (it is a MUST).  It's ok to tell folks to mind their business, it's your kiddo and up to you to decide how to take care of and rear your kid (everyone will not agree with those decisions, and that's ok too). And for all the new moms, you will NOT spoil your baby. It is ok to to hold, rock, nap with and kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss, kiss those sweet little toes, dimply knees and chubby cheeks.

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