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Challenge: WHO Are You?

What is my daughter so excited about?

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This blog is all about me. I’m serious. “Me time.” MomME life. It’s the ONLY place that I have where I can be all me me me me me. And I want YOU to join me as more people are getting the idea that we all need to feel special and have specialized products, services and experiences tailored for us as individuals. That’s a solid lesson that I teach my daughter too. We aren’t all the same. . And that’s a beautiful thing.



C’est Moi! This company totally get’s it. Their name says it all. C’est Moi is french for “It’s me!” It was specifically designed with care for our tween and teen girls who haven’t really had many good options for their delicate skin (IMHO). With a clean, non-toxic, gentle formula, Ce’st Moi is ready to be the go-to brand for our girls. With this amazing product line and a plan to help make life better for all girls, Jennifer Saul is launching this new line. As VP of Marketing she was tapped to oversee the big launch of this new brand out of Toy Industry icon Jakks Pacific. Not only is she a total Beauty Industry Boss, but she’s also a Mom herself. Her passion for helping our daughter and helping to make mom-life easier is apparent in her approach to marketing. C’est Moi to launch in TARGET stores nationwide. Here us talk about it here:

My 9 year old was so excited when I told her that Jennifer was sending over a few samples. Seeing her reaction, I knew we needed to have the camera ready to snap some pictures! Of course Izzy wanted to take it up a notch and do a full-on unboxing video. Since she’s been studying as Jr Journalist with KidsFirst Media, she has really become dedicated to her YouTube channel. I’m proud of her and excited to watch her create! This is her first “Unboxing” type of video and she thought “C’est Moi, For Girls Like Me” would be the perfect way to do it for. Please give it a click and show our girl some love <3 She’s so darn cute!


Let us know in the comments below if you’d like to see more product reviews with me and Izzy here on the blog. I’ve got more blog posts below for moms and Izzy has more product reviews like this one for a video game for cat lovers!

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