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What to do with your kids when you're forced to move jobs, even cities

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There are always difficult situations you run into when dealing with raising children, and there isn't always exactly the perfect answer or fit for each child for the exact same situation because we are all different in how we perceive things and how our brains operate. Because of this, it makes the job of parenting a fun, crazy roller coaster as we try to navigate the situations life throws at us.

So what do you do when you are forced to move jobs, or a job comes up that you've been waiting for your whole career? What do you do when you tell you children that you're moving because you got a job offer that you've been waiting for? Well, there's no exact answer because this is a tough task to overcome, but it can be done!

You just need to be upfront with your children about what is going on, choosing your vocabulary based on their age. If they are over 10 or 11, I'd approach it something like this: "So your mom and I have been talking about a new job that's come up for me in Nashville, Tennessee. It's a great opportunity, something I'm excited about because I've been wanting this my whole career and I've worked hard for this. So we wanted to get your thoughts on moving to Nashville? We would buy a house in Nashville, and you'd go to school in Nashville. What do you think?"

After you say something like this, you can base it your next answer on you children's response. So you just need to be upfront with them that you know how hard it can be to move, and that this isn't you punishing them or anything like that because you love them.

But you need to outline the fun activities and fun new opportunities that await them in the new city (I just used Nashville as an example because that's where I moved to as a kid).

That's the best way, in my experience, to break it to your kid that you're going to be moving. They most likely won't be happy about it at all, but you have to address the positive side of the move. The new friends, new environment, new ice cream places and whatever else your children like to do, fill it in with what they might find enjoyable.

You can even let them be a part of trying to sell your house wherever you're moving from. Try to keep them as engaged with the move as possible. Let them talk on the phone with your realtor or whoever to make them feel like they are involved in the move. Try something like this:

"Hey pal, do you want to help me? We have to sell our house in Chattanooga before we move to Nashville, want to help me make some phone calls to a realtor or investor?"

Try to engage them in some way. Make sure when you visit the city you're moving to, bring your children with you so they see the new city and can slowly adjust to the new environment.

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