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You're Going to Crush this Quarantine, Mama!

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You got this. The long days, the endless list of tasks, the stress of worrying about others before you, the many more roles you’ve taken on. Let the stress of tackling it all go and know that your hard work in keeping yourself, and your family, safe and healthy is the most productive thing you can be doing right now. Your efforts are amazing—but none too surprising—because that’s what heroes do.

I am so honored to stand next to these incredible women and mothers to relay this message of support and solidarity, as there is no force greater that can tear down entire walls with arms linked. We’re here to stand with you and tear down that to-do list in your hand. It’s okay if it’s not all completed. It’s okay to save some for tomorrow, or the weekend, or next Monday. It’s okay, and necessary, to put your own needs first—as you can’t take of others if you’re unhealthy.

We know this is one of the most challenging times we’ll ever face. And we’re here for you, as we’ve always been, but now more than ever. Whatever hurdles you’re currently facing: homeschooling, caring for your children born and unborn, working on the front lines only to come home and be on another front line, keeping the sanity around you, etc. We get you. We see you. We ARE you.

Because we’re doing it too. And we’re all going to get through this together, and come out on the other side smiling with arms linked, reflecting on the enormity of what we just tackled. But remember this along the way—heroes can’t save anyone else if their own well-being is ever compromised. You are the greatest investment to make in your family’s health and safety.

Each of these incredible mom's Instagram pages are listed below.

Staying: @mommyinginairplanemode

safe: @_momtherapy

and: @alsoknownasmamablog


is: @farayha

the: @homeroomhelpers

most: @honestlyaisha

productive: @makingchildhoodfun

thing: @piece_bypiece_

you: @plateauxafromage

can: @rxmama101

do.: @sherryhour

You: @sincerelymamamalak

got: @sincerelynessrine

this,: @thecozyhomechronicles

Mama: @whiteshugarrebel

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