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5 Cool Ways To Boost Your Kid's Brain Power

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I've always been interested in boosting the brain power of my kids, because it's been something I've tested on myself over the years. Obviously adults can do things children can't, so you've got to be a little creative in your endeavors.

At the very least I think brain-boosting activities are going to improve their school work, which can only be a good thing in the long term. I'd like to share the activities I've used in case any parents are thinking of fun ways to do the same thing.

Coming Up With Magical Stories


Storytelling is a great way to get kids thinking and their wild imagination will be unleashed. Unfortunately I think getting them to write everything down isn't great when they're young. If you have a good external microphone they'll be able to say their story out loud and it will appear on the computer screen. I take the time to edit it and read it back to them at bedtime.

Building Cool Obstacle Courses

Tackling obstacle courses is fun and it's something even adults love to do. Although it is enjoyable, it's not mentally stimulating. Creating the obstacle courses to begin with is where the magic lies because it makes kids think. Hopefully you've got enough toys in your garden to let your children do the same thing. When you do this multiple times you'll see them trying to come up with tougher courses each time.

Make Exercise Fun Again

I know exercise can boost a young brain, but I wanted to see if I could get my kids to exercise in the more traditional sense. In order to achieve my goal I knew it would have to be creative. I took them into the garden and got them to move around mimicking different animals. I'm guessing the thinking involved helped along with the moving around part. It also seems like they have a lot of fun doing it.

Let Them Play With Apps


Most parents aren't too keen on their kids playing with tablets, but it really depends on what you use them for. I know there are brain-boosting apps available and they've been proven to work, so I do let my kids use them for a limited period of time. My advice is to read the reviews on the app store and try to pick out a couple you think your children will find interesting, but make sure they are apps for boosting brain power.

Creating Achievable Goals

I've struggled with productivity all my life, so I didn't want my kids to experience the same thing. After a lot of research I've discovered achieving little goals teaches your brain to become more productive because of things like dopamine. To get started you can ask your kids to complete jigsaw puzzles within a certain period of time, and increase the difficulty of the puzzles as time goes on.

You'll Have To Wait And See

Once you've tried to boost your kid's brain you won't really know too much until they're older. This might scare some parents away because they'd like to see instant results. Please realize it's likely they'll do better in school when they're older if you help them boost their brain power now, so don't leave them at a disadvantage or it could hurt their future.

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