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5 Tips For Creating an Amazing Father’s Day Celebration at Home

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Sometimes all dads really want on Father’s Day is a relaxing day at home with their family, so I enlisted my kids to help create the perfect Father’s Day itinerary. Turns out most dads are sort of like big kids themselves anyway- or at least most of the dads in my life are.


1: Turn Up The Tunes

In order to set the mood I suggest having your kids (if they are old enough) help to compile a playlist of all their dad’s favorite songs. Yes, this includes the tunes from dad’s youth - the ones he loves to crank up the volume on and sing out loud to.

Will it be embarrassing? YES! But, it’s dad’s special day so we are going to suffer through the terrible vocals just for him.

Plus, music can naturally boost your mood. So aside from the humor, taking time to create and listen to a playlist is an easy way to have fun with the whole family.

2: Plan Fun Activities

I haven’t met a dad that isn’t down for playing a lawn game or two. Whether it is passing around a football, shooting some hoops, playing ladder ball, frisbee, or horseshoes, dad is sure to have a grin from ear to ear while playing a game or two with his family.


3: Grill Something Delicious

Most dads love BBQ. My suggestion is to catch them off guard and instead of the traditional steak, burger, or brats try to surprise and delight them with a new recipe.


I came up with these easy and delicious Spiced Mediterranean Burgers when I was shopping at ALDI. They have an impressive line of seasonal products, and when I came across the Kirkwood Mediterranean Style Chicken Patties, I knew I was on to something.


My husband loves Mediterranean food, so I took these seasoned chicken patties and paired them with a few additional ALDI-exclusive items like the Emporium Selection Feta Cheese Crumbles, Park Street Deli Cucumber Dill Tzatziki Dip, and Specially Selected Brioche Buns. Then, I topped them with fresh organic produce to create a simple yet scrumptious dad-approved meal.


You can grab the full recipe and instructions (including my homemade pickled onion recipe) here.

4: Don’t Forget Dessert

Of course, no celebration is complete without dessert. And, since Father’s Day lands in the summertime, I love to use garden-fresh seasonal fruits, like strawberries. By using ripe berries the dessert tastes more refreshing and feels less heavy.


One of my favorites is pairing flavorful berries with a light and airy angel food cake. You can grab a yummy box mix + organic strawberries at ALDI when you pick up the ingredients for your burgers. *Bonus- the Baker’s Corner Angel Food Cake Mix only needs water added, so it’s a great one to have the kids help you bake.

I’ve included the full recipe for this delicious Strawberry Shortcake with homemade whipped cream here.

5: Add Something Meaningful

To bring it all together and let dad know just how much he means to your family, try adding something meaningful like handwritten cards and/or notes. Not only do I have my kids create handwritten cards but I like to add a personal note to let my husband know how much I appreciate the hard work and dedication he puts into fatherhood as well.


*Tip- be sure to give your kids plenty of time to create their masterpieces. You can help them by providing some thought-starters like these.

● When I think of my dad I think of…

● I admire my dad because…

● My dad makes me laugh when…

● My dad knows how to ________ better than anyone else.

● I’m thankful for my dad because…

How do you plan to celebrate Father’s Day this year?

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