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A Love Letter From Mamas in Heaven to Their Beautiful Daughters on Earth

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"We know days don’t come easy for you and so we chose to band together and compose a love letter in your honor. Funny thing when it comes to Mamas in heaven. We find each other and form a tribe like a sisterhood on earth.

We comfort one another when you're hurting and we brag up the wazoo when you accomplish anything. Actually, we brag from morning till night.

Yesterday Kim's Mama made us gather around and listen for over an hour how her daughter graduated college with honors although she had mononucleosis for two semesters.

Right now Sara's Mama is on pins and needles because she's expecting any day.

You would not believe how loud it gets around here when we're all clamoring for attention. Sometimes we talk over one another, we're so excited!

God lets us stay chatty all day until chores when we sit around the conference table and his assistants give out assignments.

Some of us had to attend a communications seminar on good listening skills. When we interrupt the angels talking, God notices.

At night is the very best time when God turns off the lights and we have no distractions. So we get to do what we love most; sit and watch you.

When you cry because you miss us it's hard. We miss you too and would fall apart were it not for God giving us a boost when we falter. He impresses upon us that our reunion with you will come and when it does it will last for eternity. That's comforting and helps us get through.

None of us do too well on Your birthdays because we listen to you talk of us not being there and it takes away from your joy.

We want you to celebrate guilt-free no matter how hard that seems. If we told you that we all share the same dream; that's for you to live your lives completely, you might be surprised. Yet that's how we feel. We rest peacefully in the knowledge that you'll join us someday and that is where our solace resides.

The anniversary of our deaths? We don't mention it with sadness because God calls it our Homecoming.

By the way, we forgot to tell you how great we look and feel; no Pain, physical or emotional. We still have cellulite. Who's gonna be shallow enough to ask God to remove it?

It's almost dark so we're getting cozy for the evening and settling in to our favorite spots; looking down on our beautiful daughters.

In the quiet moments of these same nights when you hear the wind blow, listen to the whispers carried on those gentle breezes and you will hear; "We Love You." "We're So Proud of You." "We'll Always Be With You."

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