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Checklist for First Dentist Checkup for Your Child

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Checklist for First Dentist Checkup for Your Child

Children’s Care and First Visit to the Dentist

New parents have a lot of questions in their mind and often ask, when should they take their child for the first visit to a dentist?

The best answer to this question is visited the dentist by your child’s first birthday. The idea behind this early visit is very surprising for many of the new parents. But different studies have shown that pre-school children are getting more cavities in their teeth. As national research by Australian dentists showed that kids have cavities in their teeth from the age of two and almost 1 among had at least one cavity.

The parents should be aware of these cavities and to prevent early childhood cavities in their child must visit the dentist. First of all, they need to find out the reason behind developing cavities. Then they should need to learn how to manage diet plan for their children and fluoride to prevent cavity problems in early childhood. Recent researches on cavities shown that children who have visited within one year or after his/her first tooth come in has fewer cavity issues as compared to those children’s visited dentist after 2 to 5 years of age.

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What Happens after your children’s First visit to Dentist?

Surely your children’s first visit to the dentist is short and involves a little treatment. This first visit will open a friendly way between the doctor and children for next visits. As some of the dentist use a simple way and ask their parents to hold their child and sit in the dental chair during their checkup or they are asked to sit and wait in the waiting area during their first visit so that a good and friendly relationship can be initiated between child and the dentist.

During your first visit, the dentist will check your child’s teeth and examine that there are no potential problems like cavities in the jaw or oral tissues. If any problem was indicated by the dentist, then the dentist may start hygienist process to clean teeth and also may use fluoride to prevent it from more issues. The dentist must provide some guidelines to parents about oral health care basics for their first child and discuss in a friendly environment to answer any question what parents have in their mind.

Schedule for Dental Checkups of your first child

Most of the doctors recommends seeing the children within 6 months to build up a friendly environment with the child and to keep the confidence level of child in visiting the dentist. This schedule will help to monitor developing teeth of your child and timely treatment of any problem.

Prior start visiting dentist the parents will be asked to provide complete information for medical and health condition by filling a simple form. Visiting the dentist within 1st year of your child’s birth is good for taking care of your children’s teeth. As you know that they do eventually fall out but these teeth play an important role in helping your child to chew food. The treatment depends upon condition of the teeth of your child.

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