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Choosing to be THANKFUL for What would have NEVER been!

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As I begin cancelling events for this summer it puts me in the funk I was in a few weeks ago. Feeling sorry for the loss of memories that might have been. Rushing to find possible new activities. Ordinarily summer is our break. Less structured activities and more pool days, play dates, sleep overs, camps. As a “normal” school year wraps up typically we can’t get to summer fast enough but it just doesn’t seem as exciting. But as this school year wraps up I know I’ll will look back and cherish this time with my family forever! I hate the Corona virus and all that it has done! But the time we have had around the dinner table, in our back yard, just being together we would never have ever had! I understand my kids more than I ever have and I think they feel the same for us! I have watched them excel through working at home and struggle at times! I have seen what it’s like for them to do school work and their strengths and weaknesses I could have never understood. I have seen how much their friends mean to them. They have seen us struggle to work and help them. They have seen me worry when at one point I had no work for weeks. They have had time for chores and to help around the house. They have learned responsibility and accountability through school work that I am sure will prepare them for college. There were times I was wiping the sleep out of my eyes while Crawford was already in an online class at 8am. There were also times I questioned my education while trying to help them. One of Crawford’s favorite parts is all of the home cooked meals we have had. Caroline has been thankful for technology that allowed her to connect with sweet friends she dearly misses. The have rode more miles on a bike than we can count, fished most evenings and kyaked! They have found creeks and poison Ivey. I have become more patient! Pre Corona I would have never waited in line for 30 mins for Starbucks! However now all we have is time! 30 Mins in the drive through line is ok!
They have seen more random acts of kindness. Even celebrated their friends from afar in a car! Been celebrated themselves and felt loved from a distance. The have thought less about material things and yearned more for missed relationships. They have learned more about grace and how important it is in this time! They have given and received much grace from their teachers! Their teachers 🙌🙌 have worked so incredible hard to keep them learning! I can’t even imagine the amount of work that has been put on them!
So while I feel sorry for what might of been, I am every day CHOOSING to be Thankful for what would have NEVER been! This TIME with my family was good for my soul.

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