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Chrisley Really Does Know Best

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Recently my husband started a new job which came with a pay increase. We both saw this as an opportunity to work towards making our future dreams reality one day. We put more time into budgeting, cut out a few fun things to put more money into savings, and made a five-year plan. It felt terrific to feel like we were moving forward and setting ourselves up to provide for our children and to also have the dream home one day.


It is also very easy to feel like I am still not doing enough for my family. Will I ever own the dream home? Will I ever be able to put my kids in the school of my choosing? Will I ever be able to purchase the minivan with the sliding doors and all the fancy little buttons? Will I ever be able to have my book published? The list goes on.

One evening I was watching a show called Chrisley Knows Best. I love the humor, and this show usually gives me a good laugh. At the end of this particular episode, the father and mother were sitting in bed reminiscing about their beginning. They mentioned living in a small condo and watching movies together while raising their small children. They said those were the best years of their lives.

That story struck me and gave me a perspective that I so desperately needed. This particular couple now lives in a beautiful home and has all they could ever want yet they called the simple years some of the best.

I started thinking about my simple little life —

Tiny toes following me down our small hallways.

Making pallets on the floor and watching movies with my husband on Valentine's Day.

Baking homemade cupcakes for my son’s birthday party to save a few bucks (they weren’t pretty, but we sure had fun making them)

Driving around neighborhoods at Christmas time looking at Christmas lights while singing Christmas songs.

Going to the dollar store and purchasing playdough and water guns during the summer.

Having picnics and bonfires in the backyard.

It's so easy to get caught up in the five-year plan, the dream. Those things are essential but remember these simple days might be the best years of your life.

Personally, I would take the baby giggles and fun memories over the dream home any day.


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