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Challenge: Stop Mom Judging

A Letter To Women Abusing Other Women

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Dear Mommy Bully,

Yes, you.

I’ve seen you. Read your words.

Your violent, ugly attacks on women.

Women, some I've called friends, attempted to end their lives after reading your words.

If one of those women had been successful in her attempt to die, could it be your fault? I'd say yes.

Your uninhibited, inconsiderate words do not make the world a better place.

You destroy others for your own entertainment.

You are a woman, abusing women. I know who you are.

For the sake of an ideal. For your own selfish satisfaction. For the sake of a moment of personal power. You love this.

Think about what your words mean when they are read by the other mom. Do you even care? Do you care if she dies?

Why do I care?

Not long ago, “” wrote me this message:

“This world would be better off without you. I hope you die”.

Not long ago, it was my face on a meme.

Not long ago, they called me a bad mom.

I know fear well. I also know courage well. And guess what... I also believe in shouting in the face of fear while I'm imparting courage to others.

So... you... you person behind that keyboard saying whatever you think. Listen up. A keyboard and wifi does not give you the right to destroy. Stop abusing women. Now.

I don’t want my children to someday ask, “Mom, people were listening to you… why didn’t you say something?”

So, the rest of you. The silent ones. It's time to shout truth. It's time to surround the attacked and silence her abuser. Nobody deserves it.

Silence, even silence born of disgust, is approval. Silence is deafening.

Stand up for someone. Say something. Choose to shout in the face of fear and impart courage.

I did.

It's your turn now.

Speak up, mom. You're beautiful. You're smart. You were created with purpose. Speak beautiful things. Build life. By building life in others, you're building life in you.

Because you can.

#speakupmom #speakbeautiful

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