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Does God Like Glitter?

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Does God like glitter? My son’s question of the day.

My husband doesn’t. In fact, it’s probably one of his least favorite things in the entire world. When someone sends us a card with glitter, his response is always “what did we do to them?” or “Why don’t they like us?”

To him, it’s something you can NEVER get rid of. You find it on your clothes, on the floor, in your hair, that one little speck on your cheek two weeks later. It always lingers. Kind of like the that single strand of Easter basket grass or Christmas tree needles that you’re vacuuming four months later.

But if you’re a mom that does crafts with your kids, you know that THEY LOVE IT. So much so, it’s like their craft is not complete without it. It’s not a craft until they pull out the 4 different colors of glitter you have stored on the very top shelf in the craft supply closet, secretly hoping they’ll forget about it. But they don’t. And then it’s sprinkled liberally on their craft page and the rest of the kitchen table, just for good measure. And good coverage. And just in case you didn’t have enough to clean up.

So back to the question: Is God a fan of glitter? He must be. If you’re a Christian, then the right answer might be that God created glitter, or at least guided the person who created glitter. He must have enabled and at least blessed the creation of said glitter, right?

We won’t know until our time comes.

But for now, let’s enjoy the sparkle. See the world through our kids’ need of a little bit of glitter and fanciness in their life. As long as it makes them happy, what the hey, right?

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