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Challenge: It's Back to School: Share Your Advice

Don’t let your differences be a barrier for friendships!

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It's back to school season upon us! I don't know about you but I am not exactly sure where Summer went! We blinked and we were standing out front holding a sign that was supposed to say 2019.....except we don't have chalk....(don't worry kids, I will photoshop it) They looked at me like I was crazy while they half argued about the other touching them while they took the dreaded picture we have taken for the past 10 or so years holding the blank chalkboard! They mumbled under their breath to hurry up and when I said one more they rolled their eyes ( I can't say that I blame them). On our way to school the only thing we talked about was please be kind to your friends and your peers! It's the only quality that I will ever beg of you! I will not yell over your grades. I will not have false expectations or push you do sports you do not want to! I promise if I teach you anything in this life, please just be kind! Be kind to your friends. Yeah sometimes you feel more comfortable around them so you are a little more snappy or sarcastic or you get mad at them and you smart off. But be kind to them. Show them grace when they have a bad day. You never know what they could be going through. Be kind to the New kids! Show them around. Don't leave them! Include them! Be kind to the kid that maybe you didn't get along with last year! If you see other kids laughing at someone, please don't join in! Be the kids that stand up for others even at the risk of others leaving you out. You will never always agree with your friends. That doesn't mean you can't be friends. Don't see differences as a barrier of friendship! Think how lucky you are that you can disagree and still be friends. Don't hold grudges! Just don't. None of us are perfect. We all are going to make mistakes. Don't judge your friends on the mistakes they make! Forgive them. Choose friends that will forgive you! Trust me, you are going to make mistakes! Remember you can never take back words. Once you speak they are out forever! Choose wisely what you say and most definitely what you type! In life, Kindness will take you further than any other thing you learn! So Please be Kind today and everyday!! A Kind Child will become a Kind adult! We need all the Kind Adults we can get!


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