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From what age my son can watch horror movies

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Halloween is here. In these days that the terrifying floods streets, shops and televisions, what can we do if our son wants, besides disguising himself, to watch scary movies? From what age can you watch scary movies on Hdfilme for children? Will you have nightmares? Does it make sense to see them? Take the popcorn and get ready, we go to the cinema to see one of fear ... of parents.

Many of us still have the memory of "that" movie that scared us of children so much that we were having nightmares a lot of days. Surely our parents also remember those days, especially for not being able to keep an eye.

Now the parents are us. The scary movies can, as you probably imagine, generate discomfort in our kids, especially if we expose them to them too soon - we will talk about it later - but they also have, if we know how to find it, some interesting point for them.

What negative consequences it can have for children

When is it too soon? The children under five are unable to distinguish between reality and fiction, so it is perfectly possible, in your head, which you are seeing on TV "can really happen." Imagine what fear.

Some of the negative effects that may appear when they are exposed to terror contents at these still early ages are anxiety, sleep problems, aggressive behaviours and development of risk behaviours (behaviours that may jeopardize their integrity, health or health others).

The resilience of children is greater than we think

Despite what we have seen, a study revealed that the impact that had been established so far (sleep problems, anxiety, etc.), did not occur in all children, and not always with clinical intensity.

According to the authors of this study, there are children who show very intense reactions to certain audiovisual content of fear, but they are not all, nor are their consequences always lasting over time. Apparently children have greater resilience than we expected and are more "resistant" or impervious to the effects of scary movies than previously thought.

Why watch scary movies

Entering the world of negative emotions such as fear or anxiety can be positive for children since they are in full emotional development and are learning to manage their emotions, which begins by recognizing them. And it is that as much as we do not like them, negative emotions are useful, important and necessary, as they wonderfully explain in Inside Out.

Now, it is not about turning on the TV and putting them before the first horror movie that we find in the catalogue of the platform: that exhibition that we said that can be positive will only be if they are accompanied by us if it occurs in a safe context and with our guide.

Why watch scary movies as a family

Horror movies, as I said, provide a test scenario, a context in which we can (and that includes children) try certain things without consequences. We would call this indirect experiences.

Children learn a lot from these indirect experiences (that is, experiences that we see in others, on television, that they tell us ...). This is precisely why there have always been tales of fear or moral reading because they were a way of transmission and learning for the little ones about the dangers of the world.

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