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Fruits and Veggies Hacks | Getting Your kids to Eat and Like Their Fruits and Veggies

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You see a beautiful, healthy meal on Pinterest. Deciding to channel your inner Rachael Ray, you spend the next several hours shopping, preparing, chopping and cooking your master piece.

All to have your kids declare how gross kale is, and eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Sound familiar? Or was that just my house ;)

Cue my tips tricks and hacks for making fruits and veggies fun! All these tasty little super foods need is some kid friendly rebranding.

First up it's time to make some veggie lollipops! I bought some 'treat sticks' from my local craft store. And simply stuck some broccoli, strawberries and sliced cucumber on the top. The kids devoured these.


If you have a kiddo that is extra resistant, try letting them put these together! (Side note I had to poke a small pole in the bottom of the cucumber slice with a knife, and I would recommend that being a grown up job)

My next trick is to add stickers! I already had a sheet of stickers at home so this was particularly easy.


I tried this out on a banana, kiwi, and apples. The boys thought they were super cool.


I also told them how they would get super spidey senses after eating. Those babies were inhaled in minutes.91271084dd65f60841db526ab99493de5d3a08d2.jpg

My third hack is to cut things up! I know this is sort of common knowlege, but I always find myself forgetting to do this. It's hard for little mouths and missing teeth to eat things. The easier you make it to eat, the more likely they will be to go for it!



(Rainbow carrots. Extra colorful and extra fun!)

This hack is also widely used, but with a small twist! Put those veggies in the blender and make your kiddos a yummy smoothie! But instead of using this to sneak in foods, use it to tell them about what those foods are doing for their body.

"This smoothie has carrot juice in it! Carrots have vitamins that improve your eye sight. I heard that's how superman got his super vision."


(Baby bee #1 enjoying his super hulk smoothie;) )

And with that leftover smoothie, make yourself some popsicles :)




And on days that it's not 1,000 degrees outside, you can easily add that smoothie into just about any muffin recipe.

Well that's it for today! I hope you have a wonderful day and get your green on :)


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