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Guilty For Not Feeling Guilty & THE MESS

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​I wish someone would have told me that it is also normal to feel guilty for not feeling guilty too. I’m happy with my work/life balance and proud that I’m able to enjoy my career and my children. I don’t feel bad about leaving to go to the office every day, especially when my son says “mommy work and me school.” I’m proud he sees me as a working mother and is already making the correlation that you have to work to earn money to live. And I don’t feel guilty that some days I get to the office late because I dropped my kid at school. I may get the stink-eye from co-workers, but I’m privileged to have that flexibility. But then…BAM… I feel bad for not feeling bad…maybe I’m selfish, maybe I’m not prioritizing familyor it is workor do I take time off to be with family… oh, heck…I guess I’ll just have a glass of wine, wash away the guilt and love my job AND family! ;) My tip…guilt is normal…don’t sweat it.

I also wish someone would have warned me about how messy my house would truly be…stained couches, mysterious spots on the floor, tiny finger prints everywhere!

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