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Hanging to hope, while bracing for the future.

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Decisions are so incredibly hard to make these days and it’s causing a war in every aspect of our lives. Whether it be politically, religiously, academically, medically or within our homes, the pressure to make a decision is sitting on the shoulders of every American. Oh the amount of grace we should offer each other when we’re all simply doing the best we can, with the information available.

How do you handle hanging on to hope, as you brace yourself for what’s to come? We handle it together, step by step. We acknowledge that times are bad, while our faith lifts us with reminders that God is still good.

Every family dynamic is different. Yet, we’re all facing the reality of having to make life altering decisions daily for the ones we hold most dear to our heart. ceaecea51510b980d2cb528cb34218d162ab740c.jpeg

Do we homeschool or not?

Is it still careless to take a family trip if we social distance?

How will we get enough finances to cover our necessities for this month?

If you find yourself in an extremely indecisive state, that’s okay and you’re going to be okay. Know when to take a mental break and don’t apologize for it. When it’s hard to take things day by day, take them moment by moment and give tons of grace. To yourself and to others, because united we stand and divided we surely will fall.

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