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How does divorce affect children?

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Divorce has been a huge problem in the last decade. Due to the ease that the marriage process has today, we are looking at a lot of families that are created even though they have some troubles in the time of creation. That is something that makes everything extremely hard to fix. Yet, there is one thing in a divorce process that is even harder. That is the fact that some families have kids. That is a huge problem if you want to divorce easily. Sure, you may find a way for yourself to not care a lot about the divorce and avoid the depression that it brings. Yet, the kids are different and they will need a lot of help from both parents to avoid the effect that the divorce might bring. And your job as a parent is to make this effect as easy as you can. That will take much more effort from you than in the case with yourself. Moreover, it will be extremely harder than to deal with the divorce. Therefore, if you are still in a relationship and have kids, try your best to save the marriage just for the kids. However, if you see that both you and your partner are not happy together, it is a reason to divorce. This way, if both parents are happier, the kids will get happier with time too. However, you will have to explain to them that two of you are simply happier living apart from each other and that you love them still. If you are currently in the process of divorce, make sure to get some online divorce help. That will let you have some free time to take care of the kids and everything that is going on in your lives.

1. It is the hardest at the beginning

One thing that you have to realize is that at the beginning of the divorce, your kids will feel the worst. The younger they are, the harder it will be for them. Older kids will understand that this is the only way that their parents can be happy and that they will do their best to help you still. Yet, what they will still need a lot is your love. Every time that you and your ex-spouse meet, make sure to forget about the old things and try to work together on the happy future of your kids. Also, remember to be parents still. Sure, showing love all of the time is something that you will want to do. However, checking on the grades of your kids and getting them to do something useful is crucial. This way you are not only helping them to go through the tough times, but also educating them about life. Sure, they will have their parents for a long time, but they will still need to start doing the things on their own and that is something that you have to show them.

2. Young kids

It is time to think of how each age reacts to divorce. The youngest kids will have a lot of problems with understanding what is going on. They will not see the reason why they have to go to different houses all of the time. They will also worry about the fact that mommy and daddy do not love each other anymore. That will make them think that at some point they will stop caring about them too. And that is something that you have to start thinking about even before the divorce. You will have to explain all of that to the kid, so be prepared.

3. School-age kids

This is the age that will take the divorce as something that is not alright, but still something that could happen to anyone. They already understand some stuff that was going on in the family. The problem with such kids is the fact that they tend to take everything too close to their hearts. Children will start thinking about the reason for the divorce. And if there is no obvious reason for them, they will most likely blame themselves for that. You, as a parent, have to explain the real reason for the divorce. Also, you will need to show them that they are the reason that you and your ex will work together for.

4. Teenagers

The hardest to deal with are always teenagers. They will most likely not take the divorce normally. They will surely find something to blame for the divorce. Most likely that will be one of the parents who they will see as the evil one. You will have to work hard to show them that it was a decision that both spouses made and that both of you are fine.

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