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I swore I wouldn't say this but I have to

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So we left the hospital this morning with an infant and apparently drove directly to the Target college shop.

Parents of littles that is legit how fast it goes. I know that’s not how it feels when you haven’t slept for days or when no one can dress themselves and when you cannot believe how hard it is to get someone to just GO TO BED. And it’s completely OK to just flick me right in the forehead when I tell you to enjoy all the moments.

But I’m going to tell you anyway.

You see we seasoned parents have to say it..we HAVE to. Because we cannot believe we are here when we were you yesterday.

Consider it part of our therapy.


And also it’s how we make sure that every now and then (when you want to run away because we remember that too) you have a little voice reminding you to hang on in because this too shall pass far more quickly than it feels like.

And also feel free you to hug me when I tell you this part is super fun too.

Parenthood is pretty much walking by the cute little baby flip flops and swimsuits and adorable little onsies while dying inside. And also wishing to have it all back and being super excited to help your sweet new adult choose their first grown up towels and not being able to wait to see what she does in life.

So I give us all permission to have all the feels. No apologies and no excuses.

Because it all really does go so fast....I’m just as annoyed as you are with this and swore I’d never say this to you but here we are friends.

Now go kiss whatever size kid is sitting next to you...even if they are driving you crazy.

You can thank me later.

Originally published on Hiding in the Closet with Coffee.

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