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Challenge: I'm a Great Mom Because...

I'm a great mom because I try

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I didn't have the best mother in the world not even close. She was selfish, self-absorbed and life was always about her – her needs wants and desires as a person always came first.


She once told me, "I don't know how you breastfeed. I could have never. I was too selfish," and seriously people – that is the most accurate statement she ever made to me. Personally, I have no memories of sports or activities. My days instead were filled with shopping and appointments for her. I don't know if she ever really tried or if that was all she was capable of providing as a mother, but for me having children I knew I wanted to be better in every sense of the word so "trying" was my plan because that's all you can do as a person is to try.

I'm a great mom because I try every day to do better for the three humans I've brought into this world. I work every day – even on my worst days – to be the mom I wished I'd had. It's something I make a daily conscious effort to do, and it's simple I TRY. That simple gesture is what makes me a great mom – it's not the over the top Pinterest perfect lunches, although I have been guilty of making some fantastic bento boxes. It's not the ideal Girl Scout craft I've put together for my daughter's troop or the perfectly decorated snack bag for my son's sports team. Those things are all amazing, and I find joy in them, but that's not what makes me great – it's trying and showing up for them that makes me genuinely great.

Remember mistakes are proof you are trying and man, is there ever a ton of those in parenting.

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