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Challenge: Pregnant and Powerful!

Pregnant with a Three Year Old-You Handle It!

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Four years ago I was almost exactly as pregnant as I am now, entering my ninth month and preparing for a little one to enter and change our lives.

Boy was that a different time. A time when my life still belonged to me, mostly. Let me give you an example of the difference.

Me, four years ago: mm month nine, better start taking it easy. *sits, eats candy, sleeps
Me, today: mm month nine, better start taking it easy
*thunderstorm sleepover, make pancakes, get blood thinner shot, go play at the mall for two hours, go grocery shopping, put groceries away, run dishes, fold and put away two weeks worth of laundry, sit for an hour and eat, play out in the pool, get three year old to eat then bake brownies for dessert, make dinner, get three year old to eat dinner so she can stop asking for a brownie and get one, put away clean dishes and reload dishwasher and put leftovers away, bathe child, storytime, bedtime, second blood thinner shot, maybe a shower? Ok, just take the shower, you'll be glad you did. Move pile of toys to the side.

Take it easy? Hahahaha! That's not a thing. My second child hasn't even arrived yet, but I can already feel the juggle. When my first child was born I was so overwhelmed. Now overwhelm is my normal.

Another obstacle? Handle it.

Cat puked? Handle it.

No sleep and a full day of work ahead? Handle it.

I remember wondering how my mom just knew how to handle everything. Now I know. You're the mom-you just do. You never know just how strong and powerful you are until you are tested, and then when you're tested again you realize you are capable of more than you ever thought possible. All while growing a human being.

At 36 weeks pregnant I often have to remind myself of my own spirit, because all people want to talk about is my body, like this strong being within isn't steering the ship behind the scenes. Yes, I'm slow now. Yes, I waddle. No, you may not touch the belly-I'm not a side show. No need to constantly speculate about my shape and size, thanks.

Then again, there's only one way to deal with that, too, isn't there?

Handle it.

And sleep when you can. It's the best substitute for wine there is.

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