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Rectangular Shaped Cushion Cut Diamonds

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The first time you take a look at cushion cut diamonds, they all seem similar and somewhat square. However, the cushion cut is one of those diamond shapes that comes with lots of variations and it is very much possible to find elongated or rectangular shaped cushion diamonds.


Cushion cuts have been around for centuries and are an ideal choice for people searching for something classic. While the basic shape of the cushion cut looks squarish, some people will find the rectangular-shaped cushion cuts more appealing.

Some rectangular shaped cushion cuts can come with a length to width ratio of 1:5. This means that one side is twice as long as the other side. Compare this to the normal cushion cut which could have an L/W ratio of 1:1 meaning that all the sides are equal.

If you are wondering whether an elongated or rectangular rectangular shaped cushion cut diamonds is the better choice for you, keep in mind that any ideal diamond is one that most appeals to your eyes. When buying your diamond, compare different cushion-cut diamonds and pick the one that you like the most.

Some people claim that the more rectangular and elongated the cushion cut, the more it starts to seem like an oval cut.

But how about the price?

There is the misconception that rectangular cushion cuts are more expensive than the more squarish looking cushion cuts. The truth, however, is that it is the 4Cs that affect the price. If the cushion cut increases in carat weight the more rectangular it becomes then yes, the prices are going to go up with the weight.

However, a cushion-cut that is rectangular and one that has all the 4Cs consistent will not change in price.

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