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Remember This, Mamas: All They Really Want Is You

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On one recent evening, one of my triplets fell asleep in my bed. Rather than move her, my husband and I talked in hushed voices with her sleeping between us. At one point, my daughter startled awake, still half asleep. I pulled her close to me, and soon enough she settled back into sleep; my mere presence let her know that she was safe and all was well. However, even once she had fallen back asleep, she would not let go of me (see pic below, taken by my husband.) She slept with her arms around my neck, pulling me closer each time I moved.

In that moment, I thought about how my kids love every last bit of me. They love their impatient, frustrated mama who sometimes yells too much. They love their mama that tells them no and enforces rules. They love their mama who tells them “time for bed!” even though they want to play a little longer.

They don’t want a more organized mom. Or a more patient mom. Or a mom who never yells. They don’t want another mom, period.

They want me, as I am. All of me.

And as for you, my friend? It’s the same. You were made to be the mama for your little ones, and you’re the perfect mom for them. Don’t second guess yourself, don’t wish you were someone else. Because they’ve got everything they need and love in you.

What a beautiful gift it is to be a mom and to be loved so wholeheartedly by your kids. Whatever they need, you’ve already got it, because you’re everything they need.


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