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Stone Worktops And Tiny Homes - Good or Bad?

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Whenever people think about their dream home, they mostly picture a large spacious home that spreads across acres and are filled with all the amenities to make life better. No one dreams of getting a house lesser than that of a mansion. But how many people actually dream of having a tiny house? How many people even imagine that they can live in a small space and still be happy with life? These tiny homes are gaining much traction in the world nowadays. Their popularity seems to be on the rise and the appeal of it does not sound that bad. But is stone worktop and tiny house good or bad?

Tiny homes are earning adhesion as more homeowners are agreeing that living with less infers living more. Natural stone has become prominent building material for homes like these. Lead architects and construction workers sensed the increasing trend of choosing tiny homes with stone worktops right in the United States of America right after the tragedy of the 9/11 World Trade Centre attack. It was after this tragic incident that recession hit the economy of the country and the financial stability of the country got shaken up to its core.

Even wealthy clients who were rich and extravagant in their daily life and were conditioned to building properties with nothing less than the best of materials and accoutrements expressed their willingness for nothing less than their tiny homes with stone worktops.

Many homeowners who prefer natural stone for the veneer of their tiny homes are opting for this because of its durability, beautiful yet timeless look, and because stone is a long-lasting material, as reported by a professional and architect, Bridget O’Brien, director of marketing with custom architectural design firm named Archer & Buchanan located in Chester County, Pennsylvania in the US.

There were a number of construction business professionals all over the world who were witnesses of the upcoming trend. Many of them started detecting a reaction against overbuilding mega-mansions and having additional space than one needs to spend a comfortable life.

At the same time, newspapers and television shows that glorify a modest lifestyle became popular, stimulating the fact that surplus junk infringes on our capacity to live well. People are enticed by very small houses for those reasons. The homely appeal yet cosy environment of limited teaches people to live well with what they have and not worry about what is missing out. It points out what is necessary for life and what only seems to add value to it.

The Good

The stone worktops and other parts of the tiny house are extremely useful as they not only provide an aesthetic appeal to the residence but also provide a strong foundation and build. Natural stone is prominent for tiny homes for the same reason it is popular for other facility and remodelling projects—it is durable, impressive, and it has an ability to age very gracefully.

This means that even after years and even decades of construction of a house with a stone worktop, it will look new as it was constructed or remodelled in recent times. Natural stone gains a beautiful patina over time, unlike manmade materials. Many clients also like the fact that stone withstands the test of time.

On considering other cases, a natural stone exterior is very much fraction of the aesthetic layout. This construction material of stone as a worktop and tiny house has grown such a fan base that in Chester County, the couple asked a well-known construction firm to build a Lord of the Rings-based Hobbit House to house the husband’s precious Tolkien collection near their property. In essence, the couple wanted to integrate an existing 18th-century piled stone wall as a portion of the housing structure.

The artistic stonework throughout the exterior house was an important component, as the firm's construction manager and team desired to make sure that it not only imitated the inspiring look of Tolkien’s Hobbit House but also conserved the virtue of the ground. The resulting 600-square-feet Hobbit House resulted in looking not only beautiful, but it has been built in a way to last for many years to come.

Apart from the positive note of strength and durability, people becoming ecologically aware and friendly also has a hand to play in it. Nowadays, the majority of people are becoming conscious about the environment and space management.

Taking up more space than needs only ends up leaving less space for others. This wide consciousness added with the knowledge of widespread garbage dump spaces has also urged people not to go for bigger homes than needed. Tiny homes are enough to accommodate their means of living and people are adjusting better to it than normal-sized homes.

The Bad

It is often more expensive to use natural stone as a base of construction material like stone worktops longer but people think if people think about long-term, when referred to and built the way it is supposed to, it is likely to last much longer than a lot of manmade materials. These materials might be of substandard quality as their mix is created by humans, and not by nature.

Cost is most likely the largest disadvantage when erecting a tiny home or cottage by employing natural stone. It is a component most homeowners do not contemplate since they continually think a small home would be less expensive to build because fewer raw materials are involved in the process. There are many people who want to erect tiny houses prefer to build them because they can pay for it.


You can cite some reasons why having tiny houses with stone worktops is not a perfect choice for a place to live. Despite that, no one can deny that the advantages of living in one comparatively outweigh the negative effects. Cost is definitely an issue for everyone but the effect of building a tiny house, in the long run, makes up for the cost incurred. This is why it is safe to say that tiny houses with stone worktops are rightly becoming popular in the world with the potential to change the way people live.

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