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The cliffhanger moment #bethere

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"There comes a moment in the life of every parent, where your child is standing at the edge of the cliff and all you can do, is just be there".A Mother

"I don't know if this is my time but yes It sure does feel like it." Susan
High school can be a breeze, challenging or a downright eye opener.A happy, carefree boy that breezed through life for the first time experiences failure. A young girl just treading into womanhood is comes to face with rejection and criticism. Young, popular girls bask in the attention and believe they are special. Boys some have the confidence and some insecure in their new found manhood.And then those that don't care they find their groove in among kids of their kind. Just like in life, it's the middle class that struggles to find their niche.The tug of war between being cool or just being a nobody.
Susan has such a boy, her beautiful boy, who flew through his elementary and middle years like a soft breeze. It was the calm before the storm. High school was a rude awaking of her baby boys true capabilities.He was not the genius they thought nor was he an all star player.This realization was more shocking to her beautiful boy.His silence worried her.
"Life is too short to take things seriously.", she would say. "Ride the wave."
But could he, She had to wait and watch. All she could do was BE THERE smile and let him face his failures. "Better now than later."
Only time would tell...
It's a critical period in life when your child is at the cliff if you push to had he/she could fall over.If you do nothing he/she could still fall over. It's a testing time for every parent you're damned if you do and damned if you don't. All you can do is let them know you are there whenever they are ready to reach out.Patiently BE THERE by their side letting them know you are there and always will be.

My Dear Beautiful Boy.
Every man reaches a point in his life when he wishes the world would swallow him.It's called failure. Failure is a dance, you can keep your feet moving and perfect your rhythm, or you can give up and never know and experience the joy of the dance. I believe you will agree the first one is the better choice.
“Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass...It's about learning to dance in the rain.”― Vivian Greene
Chin up baby boy there's always tomorrow. Don't sweat the small stuff.

Thank you, Susan, for sharing your story.In honor if every Susan out there.

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