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Challenge: Infertility

The Day of Excitement to a Day of Endless possibility

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My husband and I were 1 year in our marriage when we found out we were pregnant. We were so excited and prematurely posted our announcement a week early of 10 weeks. But on the 11 week and shy of 12 we found out there was no heart beat. The doctor asked if I felt any discomfort, saw bleeding, and/or nauseous. The answer was NO to all of the questions. Unfortunately, my baby had passed the week we actually announced it to our family and to the public. We were devastated, sad, talking but not talking through the whole process after. Scheduling the DNC, having the DNC procedure, no longer pregnant, NOW 3 years in our marriage still not pregnant. We have gone through depression (gaining weight-I'm a fitness instructor), friend and associates getting pregnant, baby showers invites.

Dylan Dreyer said it best, "My sadness does not take away from your joy."

We have tried a fertility clinic and found out more information on how to move forward with the only option of IVF because IUI would be a waste per the doctors orders. (which we appreciate his honesty and transparency) What to should we do? How can we afford this? Is science ok'd by God? So many more questions and no answers.

Prayer continues to be our true guide and we hope financially mercy/grace/favor will come to help us to move forward with the IVF process. It saddens me that so many families long and pray for children but cost is so much. Even the adoption process is costly as well.

Thank you for reading,

Blessings DeMi

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