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Challenge: Taking Care of YOU

The Modern Parent’s Guide to Health and Fitness

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Being a modern parent is one tough job. No wonders, 9 out of 10 parents don’t even think they can afford spending time on their health and fitness; there’s just so much to do, always. Well, turns out health and fitness for parents can be fun and easy. We’ll tell you how.


Consider Food As Serious Business

Invest thought and effort into your family’s weekly food intake. Read diet guides, talk to a nutritionist, and set diet plans in place. This is a one-time effort that keeps on passing on benefits of good health for the rest of your lifetime, and your kids benefit from it too. Healthy snacks, nutrition rich smoothies, funky salads, and green vegetable rich yummy sandwiches – there are so many delectable and healthy food options for you as well as your kids.

Involve Kids In Fitness Activities

Create engaging alternatives to dedicated workout, involving your kids. Watching television? Why not do some pushups when the commercials are on? How about trying a few apps that motivate you to get your daily calorie burn targets achieved? Weekend workout with kids; now that’s fun! Be innovative, you don’t have to make fitness such an arduous task!

Set Goals, Get Rewards, Repeat

There are so many fitness and health goals to adopt, and they don’t always have to be about losing kilos and sculpting out those muscles. Keep on setting new goals, every month. Here are few suggestions for this month:

  • Eat fast food no more than once a week.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water without fail, everyday.
  • Try out 10 new exercises.
  • Cycle your way to work twice a week.
  • Correcting that slouch in your posture.

We recommend you set goals, and attach rewards to them, to keep the motivation on. Promise yourself a new pair of runner shoes, or a cool new GPS running watch once you hit your goals 2 months in a row.

The No-Workout Day: Office is the New Gym

There will be days when you just won’t be able to pull yourself up for gym. These are the days when you’ve got to make your office and your work-desk double up as your fitness venue. Climb up to the tenth floor (or more) on stairs, and back to the ground, a couple of times. Work in a standing posture for at least half an hour. Take a quick jog around the campus. Got a conference room that’s barely used? Put it to use; take another fitness conscious parent along, and get some lazy squats in. Also, skip the evening snacks, and replace it with a salad. Don’t want to do all this? No problems; don’t skip the gym!

There you have it; no more excuses. Be the great parent that you want to be by staying as fit and healthy as you want your kids to be.

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