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Challenge: Romance After Kids

What TEN Years of Love Sounds Like

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It’s date night.

Do you hear the angels cheering?


That’s funny — because I do.

Or, maybe that isn’t angels.

I mean, it isn’t my three little angels who are happily on an overnight at Gramys’ house, though they do get pretty excited for mommy and daddy when we have a night out.

Nope. It isn’t angels, and it isn’t my kids.

What could that sound be then?

Oh, I know...

It’s the sound of LOVE I’m hearing.



Of course, it is true that I do hear love each and everyday inside of my home — in the form of affection, tantrums, whines, giggles, joke and yells from all my three children — BUT tonight’s love sounds different.

I wonder why?

Actually, I don’t — I know why.

The sound of love I hear tonight is the kind of love that has been brewing for ten years.

It is the kind of love that you know, and that knows you well.

It is a love that changes its form regularly.

It is a love that adapts.

It is love that is forgiving.

It is the kind of love you read about, but also the type you don’t.

It’s the kind of love you question because you cannot believe it is yours.

It is the kind of love that challenges you, and boy, do you like to test it.

It is the kind of love that makes you wonder should be it this easy, but at the same time, should it also be this hard.

Tonight’s love is real. Not filtered for a social post (LIE - FLAT. OUT. LIE....there is totally a filter on tonight’s image because why he heck not.) But, the love behind it, well that needs no filter.

Does it need a caption? Maybe.

Or maybe not.

Okay, do you want to know what I hear right at this moment?

The words of my husband of 10 years, without any interruption and guess what? I like what I hear.

I hear words of support uttering back and forth between our mouths.

I hear laughter — joke and quips being traded.

I hear apologies going in both directions for recent mishaps.

I hear forgiveness.

Do you know what else I hear tonight?

I hear the sound of unconditional love, which sometimes speaks very loudly and unexpectedly and other times it is so quiet you almost wonder if it is still there.

You know what the best sound is I just heard?

The sound of two beer glasses clinging together and a misspoken awkwardly delivered cheers that inform me that I am right where I need to be with whom I’m meant to be.

It’s date night, Y'all, so I’m going to be present for my date.

“Being married is like having a friend who doesn’t remember anything you say.”

— Unknown

Your welcome, hun. You now have this written out for you so you can’t claim you don’t remember or that I never said anything nice about you.

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