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Challenge: Pregnancy and Infant Loss

What to Say to a Friend After a Pregnancy Loss

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We have all had those open mouth insert foot moments or the moments we just freeze because we don’t know exactly what to say. I have been on both sides of these moments. After our two 2nd trimesters losses I was on the receiving end of those moments. Below are some rephrasing of some comments I experienced.

As Mother’s Day is fast approaching and grief has no timeline, I thought this is the perfect time to share.

Instead of... You can always have another baby.
You can say…. I know how much your miss your baby

Instead of…. Everything happens for a reason.
You can say… I'm thinking about you and your baby. I wish they were here

Instead of…. At least it happened early.
You can say… I'm so sorry that you lost your baby.

Instead of… Your life will get back to normal soon.
You can say…. How are you feeling today?

Instead of…. Don't be sad.
You can say… I know how hard this is I'm here for you.

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