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Challenge: Rise!

What were you doing?

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What was I doing?

I was working on a piece I was writing, and just about to push submit, when my son came in my office and said, “You won't believe what happened”.

Moments in life that stop us in our tracks. Moments that take our breath away.

‘Flashbulb moments’ that we remember forever.

What would I be thinking?

I can’t even imagine what would be going through my mind, in the moment that I would realize my life was about to end. I can’t begin to think what would go through my mind as I would look into my child’s eyes knowing it might be the last time, just as I looked into their eyes the day they were born.

What would I be feeling?

As a parent, you have unlimited love for your child, more than life itself, and would do anything to protect them. Console them when they need it most, and promise to love them forever.

I can't comprehend the struggle I would have, knowing my child’s life may be ending, and I would be leaving others behind.

This is a parents worst nightmare, and it’s happening, and you can’t protect them.

It’s moments like these that we should stop what we’re doing.....


Hug our children tighter than usual

Look our spouse in the eye and tell them you love them

Snuggle on the couch as a family, spending time together

Put aside our to do’s, and do them tomorrow

Share a funny story and laugh out loud

Tell our children we will love them always

Find joy in the ordinary

Remember not to take anything for granted

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