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Why parents are struggling to monitor kids online raising the Instagram generation

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One major problem parents face today is conflict, which literally meant no less than ten years: it is difficult to prepare children for the world of Instagram.

It may sound trivial or very noisy and somewhat insane if you do not currently have a child over the age of seven, but most parents of young children are finding that they will have to face many challenges now, which The resulting social network.As we know that Instagram is an best social media site that can serve millions of users. It is one of the best way to increase traffic, attract new customers and become famous. However, if you have all three goals, the best solution is to buy 50 instagram likes . They say the pictures speak a thousand words, but Instagram likes the words.

Recently, several studies and feature articles have been published that describe how severe and stressful these problems are. A key element to keep in mind is that at no point is Instagram a simple problem for parents. Instead, many find that there are many important moments of their lives as parents when faced with the new and challenging world of Instagram.

Abuse of social networks by parents
Many believe that raising children in the era of social networks will be the biggest and perhaps the only difficulty. In fact, the root cause of the Instagram problem for children is often based on parents' use of social media.

Since parents are technology experts, many people use social networks regularly. Sometimes, they subtly and at other times suggest to their children that it is normal to have a lot of "screen time" in their lives. Demonstrating poor social and portable behavior motivates children to solve their problems and compromises a parent's ability to enforce and enforce rules for their children. Parents who frequently use their devices and use Instagram should seriously think about how they can change their parenting approach to "spend time in front of the screen".

In addition to not modeling for limited use of electronic devices and social networks, many parents share this with their children using their Instagram account in a way that can be harmful to them. Sometimes parents don't know when it comes to Instagram that children are not like pets because they often care about how they are presented online, and even That they like it. Many parents mistakenly think that happily sharing has a positive effect on their children. It is important not to share too much and make the children feel comfortable posting pictures of them for the world to see.

Instagram and age ease
Just fifteen years ago, teenagers and young adults used social media almost exclusively. It is only in the last few years that older people, such as parents and grandparents, as well as younger children, such as children are using it. Even though, ten years ago, we had not heard that an eight-year-old boy asked for a Facebook account, it is now common for children and others of this age to be connected to social networks, especially on Instagram.

It is a thorny challenge for many parents to determine when a child will be "ready for Instagram". There is no "right" answer as to the appropriate age to allow the child to start using Instagram, but there are several issues that all parents should consider.

Peer groups Whether or not parents and fathers allow their children to use social networks, it is useful to know what is the problem with their children's classmates. Talk with the help of other parents. If some of them allow their children on Instagram, it can make the decision easier. Although many of them allow their children to use it, it is necessary to discuss it with other concerned adults.
Children become crooked. Even if a parent prevents a child from accessing social media, he or she will probably find a way to use it anyway, especially if he or she has access to a phone or computer. Mine has recently gone so far as to subscribe to an automated service like Instagram. Parents should always be aware of this, knowing that it may be easier to encourage better behavior if they are outside.
Surveillance or censorship. When parents think that their children are ready for Instagram, they must decide how they will monitor or censor their use. Especially in young children, parents should monitor each use every day.

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