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You Are Not Alone

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I keep seeing all these social media posts asking "Anyone else experiencing this?" "Just me?" And I keep wanting to yell "The answer is everyone!"

Whatever you are going through, pretty much everyone else is going through too. But it's clear to me that right now we think we're all going it alone. So the kind of support and encouragement I want other moms to hear is this:

You are not alone. You are not the only one.

The thoughts you're thinking, the experiences you're having, the struggles, all of it. You are not alone.

You are not the only one -

  • whose kids are acting out right now
  • that thinks kindergarten zoom calls are ridiculous
  • whose kid doesn't want to do online schooling
  • that can't stick to a schedule
  • that doesn't know how to do it all
  • that's taking care of kids while they're working
  • that stayed home with their kids before but is struggling now
  • that doesn't have a cleaning routine
  • that's sick of picking up after their kids
  • that doesn't want to get one more snack
  • that doesn't know how to grocery shop anymore
  • that isn't sure what the right answer is to any type of social contact
  • that can't even go to the bathroom alone
  • that really needs some space
  • that wants a break
  • that feels guilty for wanting a break

We are all going through this and it's ok. You've got this. I 🤍 you.

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