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Your Father Know SEO?Start with AI-based SEO

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Parenting is not the easy job as we think it is one of the tough jobs in the world.Giving your child a happy life is a tough task.

We are always fascinated whenever we hear the term ‘Artificial Intelligence’. This futuristic technology always leaves an impression in our mind that robots with critical thinking abilities like us are able to solve the complex issues of the world, but that is not the meaning of Artificial intelligence, at least not for now. AI is just a bunch of computer codes, super-smart sets of an algorithm designed by a human. Whenever you search for something on Google, you type some words or whole sentences that bring results that you seek. Google gives you relevant search results depending on the keyword that you have entered. How does Google do it? The answer lies in an AI algorithm that Google uses in its search engine known as 'RankBrain,' which Google confirmed to be in use in October 2015.

How Artificial Intelligence is useful in SEO?

Current uses of AI in the digital world include to collect ads targeting data, for ad campaign technique, to decide the relevance of content based on user’s activity, etc. Only a few organizations are using AI algorithms to increase their ranking in search engine results.

Whenever you search for something using an AI-based algorithm, the algorithm remembers data about your search history, area of interest, favorite website, targeted keyword, etc. It also stores the same data about other users. Hence, an AI-based SEO strategy is essential.

There are three types of AI algorithms:

1) Artificial Narrow Intelligence (ANI): It is good for single tasks, for a single specific thing.

2) Artificial General Intelligence (AGI): AGI is an advanced AI algorithm that is able to perform human-like tasks.

3) Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI): A type of AI developed by the human that can suppress its own creator and is able to do work that is beyond the ability of human intelligence.

There are many SEO tools, free and paid, that can provide robust services. Tools like Google Analytics that have AI functions can help you find targeted keywords of your competitors, regional-based most searched keywords, competitors’ growth, and other very valuable information to help you plan your AI-based SEO strategies better than ever.

Google AI search algorithm Rankbrain can easily understand the similarity between two different targeted keywords. For example, it will display the same result for ‘Top SEO technique’ and ‘Best SEO strategies worldwide’. Repetition of the keyword in a single article should also be avoided because the Google Search Algorithm may consider it as spam.

Whenever you click on a search result, Google AI bots keep track of the time that you spent on it. If you spend some considerable time reading it, this sends a signal to Google AI to rank it higher because it has content quality that is worth spending time on. Instead, if you leave it in just 3-4 seconds, this sends the opposite single to Google and its ranking will be reduced. So, SEO also depends on what quality level you are providing to your users. This becomes possible because of the advancement in Google’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithm.

Personal branding is also important in SEO strategy. You can create your brand by using different social media sites and by social media marketing. This will enable you to create a positive impression and identity of your online business or website. Personal branding can help to create a recognizable, genuine, and trusted image of your product that customers will find attractive.

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