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Challenge: Raising Siblings

5 Pro Tips For Raising Siblings Without Rivalry

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For having a better upbringing of children, parents must be aware of some tips which help in their excellent parenting. In this blog, you will read some essential tips which you should know about being a good parent and raise your children in a better way with love and affection.


5 tips Which Help you for being Better Parents:

Use Expected Period as Introduction Time: Let your child meet your expected kid. Tell them to touch your belly and ask them to talk with your kid during pregnancy. It would help to make bonds with their future sibling. They get to know that a baby will soon arrive in their family as a new and youngest member.

Avoid Comparisons: Nothing hurts too much, but comparisons do. Do not compare your kids with each other. They both have different abilities to do some work. Where one will be good in one field, the other will be good in another field. Both don't need to be good in the same field. You should not compare them both, but encourage them in the field they are interested in and inspire them to move forward. Tell them they are doing well individually. Comparisons can make them competitors where they always try to beat each other. It would be the reason for their fights and ugly thoughts which generate in their mind during your comparisons.

Try to Find Ideas Where you Can Make them Feel a Unique One: Try to find the things which are interesting to your younger child during your elder child is in school. Also, help your elder child to find out his interest too. This is another way where you can come closer to your kids, and they will attach with you more than before. Tell them that they are unique and doing good. Also, please encourage them to do better. Realise that they should go forward.

Focus on Their Achievements: It is very sad to feel by a younger sibling that he is not able to do a particular task, as well as his elder sibling, does. May his elder sibling master in one specific task or deed but it does not mean that younger sibling is good for nothing. The younger ones may be good at another task. May he do other tasks better from which done by the older one. Let each of your children know how much you liked them individually. Also, make them realise how important they are in your life. Praise them from time to time and never take too long to hug them. Hugging helps you to make special bonds with them.

Consider your Own Behaviour: Some parents unintentionally focus on their older child. This way may hit the younger one. You may first introduce your older child with relatives or other known people. Do not focus too much on the older one as it may draw a line between siblings. Make them feel equal as they both are essential for your happy life. Consider and identify your own behaviour and how you act in front of both. Do you pay the same attention to them or not?

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