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Challenge: I Feel Bad About...

I threw my purse...

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My kids are almost 6-and-a-half (they always want to add in the half!) … and they get along great for the most part. But sometimes they have a string of whiny days or complaints or arguments that can turn a decent day into the worst one ever. And, let's face it, ANYTHING that is said in a high-pitched whine can really get under your skin. Especially if that same whine is used for EVERYTHING that comes out of your daughter's sweet mouth. Like the other night.

After multiple arguments including "NOOOO, I was going to sit there!" "Mommy, my pants are too loose." "Mommy my socks are too tight!" "NOOO, I was going to feed the dog." "I don't want spaghetti for dinner." "Give me the LEMOONAAADE!" All seem like typical kid complaints, right? Now imagine these same sentences delivered all within a half hour, at a high pitch about two octaves above her normal range.

And this is after said Lemonade was spilled on my laptop. I lost my S%*$. Threw my purse on the floor. And screamed back, "JUST STOP IT! I'm begging you to stop it! Stop fighting! Stop arguing! Stop Yelling! Just get ALOOONG!" Anyone see the irony here? I'm asking the yelling to stop, but yet I did it while yelling.

Of course, I felt bad after I seethed for a few minutes. I sat myself in a timeout. I breathed. Came back and apologized. It seemed like they looked at me in fear or amazement (I'm not sure which) because I haven't done this often. My outburst affected them. And since kids model our behavior, I had to own up to it, apologize for it, explain that mommies get stressed and I NEVER should have thrown my purse or yelled like I did. But can we please just really try to 'all get along'?

I mentioned it to a friend and her response, "Oh, don't worry about it. I did the same damn thing."

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